Health Services

What kinds of costs can I cover from this account?

Medications, prescriptions, drug testing, overnight stays in the Health Center, co-pays for medical and dental appointments

How do I know how much money to put in the account?

In order to record the actual cost, you will need to know the charge(s). Please contact the pharmacy so you can type the exact amount into the index box. A small handling fee will automatically be added to each transaction. If the charge is not for medication or pharmacy charges, please contact the Health Center.

Carlsbad Village Pharmacy – 760.729.2405

Do I need to contact the Pharmacy for Medication and Prescription Charges?

The charges can vary for medications, regular prescriptions, and medical supplies so you will need to contact the Pharmacy for exact costs. Please type in the precise amount in the index box. A small handling fee will automatically be added to each transaction.

Carlsbad Village Pharmacy – 760.729.2405

When will funds be available?
Funds become available the next business day after depositing and an email notification will be sent to you and the Business Office.
Why is a fee added?

A 3% processing fee is added to each transaction to cover our merchant processing fees.