Incidental or Bookstore


What is an incidental account?

The incidental account covers most school related fees and expenses as outlined in the Tuition and Fees schedule. These items include, but are not limited to; Health Center, ASB, ANAPA and Athletic Fees. Other school related expenses include ACT/SAT testing, weekend activities, purchases in the canteen, purchases at home athletic events such as football, transportation, dances, and clubs.

How will I know how much to put into the incidental account?

After the initial deposit of $700, the incidental account will need to maintain at least a credit balance of $50.00. The Finance Office will contact you when the account will need to be replenished.

What is a bookstore account?

The bookstore account is used to pay for items sold in the Cadet Bookstore including, but not limited to, uniforms, books, school supplies and other convenience store items.

When will the money become available?
Funds become available the next business day after depositing and an email notification will be sent to you and the Business Office.
Why is a fee added?

A 3% processing fee is added to each transaction to cover ANA merchant processing fees.