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From this family resource you are able to:


  • Find important Parent Resources 
  • Shop from the Cadet store
  • Complete online registration for the 2021-2022 School Year
  • Make payments to the Health Center
  • Add funds to a student’s incidental or bookstore account 

2021-2022 Online Registration

Please complete the online registration steps prior to your son’s arrival to campus. 

New Family FAQs

What is the Warrior Den?
Warrior Den is your parental portal to access Finance, Magnus, Aeries, Communications, and other Parent Resources all in one place.
What is Online Registration?

All registration must be completed online using the Warrior Den prior to arrival on campus: Deposits and Tuition Payments, Magnus and Aeries etc.

Start Registration

Move-In Day, what to expect?
Upon completion of your Cadet’s online registration, you will receive a date and time to arrive on campus from the Admissions Office. The main entrance to our campus is located at 222 Cypress Avenue, at our Operations Office, across from our Library. You will report to the check-in table at which time you will either be cleared for move-in or directed to a specific department in order to close out any incomplete registration requirements (i.e. turn in medications, complete emergency contact information, etc). Luggage will be staged in the designated area inside the campus near the entrance.

Once all registration requirements and orientation are complete, your Cadet will be directed to the Cadet Life table for company and room assignment. Orientation is intended to be attended by Cadets and Parents together. After the completion of orientation, plebe training will begin. This is your opportunity to “say your goodbyes” and give your Cadet encouragement for his future success.

What is Plebe Training?

Plebe week is the initial training for new Cadets at Army and Navy Academy.

Plebe is a term used to identify a new Cadet at the Academy. Plebe Week is the time specifically designated to train Plebes prior to the start of the school year and prepare them for what to expect as a Cadet. The following are examples of what takes place during Plebe training.

  • Uniform issue and tailoring
  • Customs and Courtesies
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Introduction of Staff
  • Explanation of available support services
  • Class schedule, book, and computer issue
  • Team building
  • Physical fitness evaluation and training

More Resources From the Warrior Den

Health Services

Pay for medical expenses including co-pays and prescriptions.

Incidental or Bookstore

Add funds to student’s incidental or bookstore account.

Cadet Store

Cadet Store

Shop from select products at the Cadet Store which will be shipped to you.